For Publishers and Indie Authors

The main genre I read and will review is fantasy, but I also read: sci-fi and YA, contemporary, graphic novels and manga, general fiction and non-fiction, as well as historical fiction, on occasion.

I am also bilingual, and happy to review books in the genres above in German if they catch my interest. Hallo, Autoren und Aurotinnen aus Deutschland! 🙂

I do not read/ accept requests to review books of these genres: horror, thriller or erotica.

If you would like to contact me about sending an arc , please do email me at

WARNING: if I receive requests to review an ebook/genre I have listed in my list of those I do not read after I have already – for lack of a better word – rejected, I will either ask that the requests stop or simply block the email. Brutal but honest.

Thank you

Kath xoxo