A Shout-Out to….Joe Sugg aka ThatcherJoe

Photo credit belongs to Joe. I've been watching Joe's videos since I was....15, 16 maybe 17? And he has never failed to entertain me. His impression videos are awesome and also rather funny at times depending on who he's doing an impression of, but my favourites are: Captain Jack Sparrow, Kermit the frog, Mrs Piggy,  … Continue reading A Shout-Out to….Joe Sugg aka ThatcherJoe

A Shout Out To….Jade aka Jadeyraereads

(Photo credit belongs to Jade) Good afternoon my lovelies, it’s time for another shout-out! This time, it’s for the wonderful Jade, also known as Jadeyraereads. She, like her very good friend G (aka Book Roast), Jade does bookish videos on YouTube including reading vlogs, and book babble and book haul videos. I don’t remember when … Continue reading A Shout Out To….Jade aka Jadeyraereads

A Shout-out to…Lemon Charm Bookmarks

I wanted to give my first shout-out of “Shout-out Saturdays” to my friend Nikki, who I became friends with through the book box, Book Box Club and think she’s lovely 🙂 Nikki has opened her own shop on Etsy called Lemon Charm Bookmarks, where she sells her handmade bookmarks some of which are plain, others … Continue reading A Shout-out to…Lemon Charm Bookmarks