A Review of….The Maiden Ship

Title: The Maiden Ship Author: Micheline Ryckman Publisher: Whimsical Publishing Star Rating: 5 I'd been following Micheline's Instagram account and her beautiful illustrations for a while I think, when she announced the upcoming release of this gem of a book, and was gutted I was unable to pre-order the bundle from her website for various reasons … Continue reading A Review of….The Maiden Ship

A Review of….The Forgotten Beasts of Eld (Magical Readathon #1)

      Prompt: Care of Magical Creatures: Read: 1st - 21st April Author: Patricia A. McKillip Publisher: Gollancz (Orion Books) COWWT - 21.5/25 (= 4 Stars)   Characters: 5 I thought the characters were well-written and vibrant , and I particularly loved how strong-willed and independent Sybel is (I also love that name, probably … Continue reading A Review of….The Forgotten Beasts of Eld (Magical Readathon #1)

Summoning Spells: A Summoner Readathon!

Hello my lovely readers, how are we all doing? You’re probably thinking ‘Kath, you’ve only just announced you’re doing a re-read of the Summoner series this week, why are you announcing a readathon?’ Well, let me tell you. I recently read The Summoner’s Handbook which includes the basic summoning spells, and I thought it would … Continue reading Summoning Spells: A Summoner Readathon!