A Review of…Time’s Convert (Do not read if you’ve not read the Discovery of Witches trilogy)

Title: Time’s Convert

Author: Deborah Harkness

Publisher: Headline Publishing


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’ve seen a few reviews saying that the frequent step back into Marcus’ past made the novel drag a little – but I actually really enjoyed it. Having fallen in love with Marcus during my read of the main Discovery of Witches trilogy, the chance to learn a little of his backstory in the companion novel, and so I always looked forward to another chapter from his past. Reading about his childhood and the trauma he experiences in the transition into adulthood; learning about his human family, seeing the start of his medical career, made me fall in love with his character even more. Seeing him and Matthew meet, the rocky start to their father-son relationship and how Marcus adjusted to his new life as a vampire was also so interesting for me to read about and gave me a new appreciation for their family dynamic and relationship as father and son.

It was also quite interesting for me, to read from Phoebe’s perspective as I love her personality and sassy character. I found reading her journey into vampire life equally as compelling as Marcus’, especially due to the fact that she was adjusting in a modern setting rather than the time in which Marcus was reborn hundreds of years before.

I loved seeing the other characters again – particularly Diana and Matthew; reading how their new life with little ones is going, seeing Becca and Philip’s talents develop and grow. Their relationship with Baldwin was no less entertaining to read than in the other three books; particularly their refusal to do a lot of the things he requests that they do. Following Diana in as she juggles her roles of mother-witch-and the De Clairmont family representative on the Congregation was also captivating, as she is one of only a few witches in the position she is in, having Brightborn children but also in a unique position of being a witch and the representative of a vampire clan.

If you’ve also read Time’s Convert, what were your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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Kath xoxo

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