Books That Mean The Most To Me #2

In a previous post I listed some of the books that mean the most to me, and here I present you with the second part of that list. Enjoy!

For those of you who maybe don’t know this, I am Irish-German (though I was born in London, England; can speak German pretty fluently, and can read German fairly well though I’m still practicing. I have a book set of the first three Emily Windsnap books, translated from the original English into German, are the first books in Mum’s mother-tongue that I remember receiving – I think I’ve read the first and have a 3in1 English copy of them, so I can refer back to the original if I get stuck on something. Another book, WolfsHerz is the first and currently only German book that I’ve bought for myself. (Due to an issue with the image, I will post in Instagram – my handle is @Katharinabookmadsinead πŸ™‚ ).

I don’t remember exactly, when I got this but I think I was in the early years of highschool (year 8 or 9) when Mum and my sister went to a book sale at our local library, and they came back with this gem of a book. I hadn’t heard of it before at the time, but the two of them thought that I might like it and I did! It’s such a sweet story about finding yourself and doing what makes you happy – at least that’s what I got from it haha. I think the fact that it’s a 70th Anniversary Edition adds to the precious feeling that I apply to this classic – but the fact that my mum and sister got it for me is the biggest reason that it’s on this list…and I need to re-read it soon, haha.

Oh this one! I Believe in Unicorns, was the first (to my knowledge) Michael Morpurgo book that I owned, and I got it for my tenth birthday from Mum and Dad. I just remember being so, so happy with this book and read it probably…five times in a row when I got it? I was obsessed with the mythical creature at the time and loved everything about them. Around the same time I think, I also had a little thin workbook-type-book that also gave you information about this illusive creature of myth which also had a unicorn head cake template in the back. Anywho back to the novel at hand! I loved this book with all my heart and still to this day will take it off my shelf and have a flick-through which still brings back memories to that first time I picked it up. It’s such a heartwarming, story set mostly in a library during wartime, that I know will stay with me forever.

This amazing book is on this list, because it holds a memory of being in France on holiday in 2019 with my parents; staying in a gorgeous house near Carcassonne – which is where this novel is set. Although I didn’t actually read the book until after getting back from France (well, early last year I think – I had so many other novels I wanted to read! Haha), I actually celebrated my birthday in France that year and this was one of my birthday presents from Mum and Dad. I’m hoping to get the hardback soon so that this and The City of Tears, which is publishing next year, can match – I don’t mind if covers don’t match but I do like books in a series to be the same format if it’s possible (i.e. all hardback or paperback) though in saying that I do have one series where one is paperback but it’s signe so I don’t mind hehe – but I know I’ll still hold on to this one, because it holds a precious memory from my 22nd.

This book….is nearly as precious to me as The Complete Illustrated Works of Hans Christian Andersen is. I got it when I was….9, I think, either as a birthday present or a gift that I received for one reason or another. I’ve always had a love for and fascination with mythical creatures and beings (such as unicorns and yes, mermaids/mermen), and when I got this I can still recall being ecstatic at having this new book to read that featured mermaids and the like. I don’t think the fact that it was set in Cornwall, where my brother-in-law was from and where I’d already been a couple of times, even crossed my mind when I got the book (though I appreciate that fact far more now, having been to visit several more times and also one year stayed a week with my older sister and her husband). All that was most likely running through my mind when I received it and while reading it for the first time was Mermaids! When is the character going to meet one!. I absolutely adore this book and the series as a whole; and was pulled in – as with The Novice – almost immediately after opening it for the first time, and the series is probably the only one I’ve re-read more often than Summoner at, I believe….5 or 6 times? And I hope to do so again soon. Unfortunately the series isn’t still on my shelves at the moment…I’m ashamed to say they’re in a box in my wardrobe – but I’m determined to find a place for them again, and I don’t think I’ll ever let go of them unless to pass them on to my own children when I have little ones in the future.

Lily Collins’ autobiography is probably the only one that I have managed to finish, and loved enough, to hold onto it for further reads (I still need to actually, another one added to the re-reads list, haha). If I was asked who my favourite female actor is, and my biggest role-model (aside from my parents and older brother and sister – they’re so hard-working and I admire them so much), Lily Collins would be my answer – hands down. She is just so…she’s such an amazing person who, I’ve learned through reading this book, has gone through a lot and worked/works very hard at what has become her career. Although the book isn’t a very thick one, there is so much in there about her childhood, life after moving to LA from where she was born in Guildford, how she first got into acting and – so much more that probably not a lot of people knew about before this was written. She’s an amazing actor, and from interviews and how her friends/co-stars and colleagues in the industry talk about her in behind-the-scenes clips of films that I have or have seen that she features in she’s also a lovely person. Although we aren’t that far apart in age, I can only hope that by the time I’m where she is in life – though it will of course be different in some ways- I’ll be as hardworking and passionate about what I do, and as down-to-earth as she is.

Folk was the first author read and signing, that I had the privilege to attend when I started uni nearly three years ago, and I think it was only a few months in. The author of the novel, Zoe Gilbert, was lovely to talk to and happily answered everyone’s questions before the reading (may also have been after but we won’t worry about the semantics haha). I think she wrote the novel for her PHD – at least that’s what I remember her telling us when she talked about how her debut came about, but I could be wrong (any of my friends from my uni course who were also there that day and happen to read this, please correct me if I am!). Either way I remember being very impressed and awed when she discussed the processes and research that she went through while writing it . She was also so kind and encouraging whilst signing my copy, when I told her about my own aspiring to be a writer – I don’t think I’ve met an author at a book signing/signing and reading event who hasn’t been, for which I feel very blessed. I loved this book; the folklore, the fantastical elements within it – the way it pulls you in, and the cover and interior illustrations are stunning!

Although I don’t particularly remember how I came upon this one I think it was either at The Works again, or another charity shop find. I do, however, remember that the first time I read it I was very down in the dump, for some reason – but when I picked it up that first time and began to read it my mood gradually lifted. I was laughing within a few chapters – it’s so funny I love it so much! This is definitely what I always come to when I need a good giggle. I love Rachel and her best-friend Matthew so much bless him – he’s probably my favourite character!- Emelie is also amazing, she’s so sassy! This is definitely a feel good book, and I will always keep it on hand to boost my spirits and when I need a lot of laughs, hehe.

That was the second of three Books That Mean The Most To Me posts, the final instalment will come the other side of some other up-coming posts – but I hope you enjoyed this one too! Find my first instalment here.

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