A Review of..A Girl Made of Air (arc) *may contain spoilers* (Part of Blog Tour)

Title: A Girl Made of Air

Author: Nydia Hetherington

Publisher: Quercus Books

CAWPILE: 8.57 (4 Stars)

What I’d like to talk about first in this review, is how much I love the use of taste, smell and touch throughout the novel when the narrator discusses her memories. I also appreciated the way that Hetherington has incorporated feminism into the story through Serendipity Wilson and a few of the stories she tells the narrator when she’s a child; challenging the patriarchal ideals of the time in which the novel is set. It feels as though the author is talking through the narrator, directly to young women and telling them that they have a voice and that it has power and should be harnessed.

I thought that the novel had a poetic air throughout the novel – and dreamlike, too. Some parts were poetic but strangely so though I don’t think that I could explain why haha.

The poetic and dreamlike quality of the novel was added to by Serendipity Wilson’s gripping stories of folklore and legend, and fairy tales, which I loved – a great many of them I’d not heard of. Indeed, they were written in so well and so effortlessly it was hard to discern which were real and which might have come from the author’s imagination. I feel as though a lot of tales she tells the narrator of the novel act as lessons to all, as many fairy tales and legends become in time.

Finally, I absolutely loved the way the novel was set out; the narrator telling the reader and the journalist she speaks to at the start, her story as she writes her life both from the notebooks she has written in and purely from memory.

You have wings. Believe in them and yourself, and you will fly.

Kath xoxo

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