A Review of….Kate and Clara’s Curious Cornish Craft Shop *spoiler-free* (Netgalley Arc)

Kate and ClaraTitle: Kate and Clara’s Curious Cornish Craft Shop

Author: Ali McNamara

Publisher: Sphere

Star Rating: 5

Release Date: 9th July (Kindle addition) Paperback date is uncertain (Netgalley and Amazon say 23rd July, Goodreads will tell you it doesn’t come out until September)

It is always difficult for me, when writing a review on an Ali McNamara arc, to try and not write any spoilers into my reviews  – thankfully though, I have yet to do that, and I won’t be starting today.

It is hard to describe the feelings I experience when I read Ali’s novels. They always feel….magical, despite being contemporaries (granted, I’ve not read all her books, but it applies to the ones I have). The three novels – so far – set in St Felix are particularly magical to read. For me, it’s not only the way that Ali writes the location, the characters – it’s the atmosphere that she creates and the way that the characters interact with each other as well as their surroundings. This book, for me, is definitely the most magical of the current St Felix collection. I really enjoyed the plot of the story, and the mystery that is laid for the main characters and the reader to solve – both in the synopsis of, and throughout the novel.

I felt like Kate was a smart and strong independent single mother, and a successful business woman; a large chunk of which due to the fact she makes a lot of what her shop sells herself. I liked the fact that she wasn’t taken in by the first possible love interest that appeared (I thought he was rather smarmy at the start), at the start of the novel. I enjoyed the sort of back-and-forth with Jack too – though at times it was heartbreaking as well as entertaining.

Jack. Oh, I loved him. I think he is my favourite character out of all of them (Kate is a close second), because he is so determined and isn’t letting anything stand in the way of his dreams. I also like his sense of humour, but my heart did break a few times and I would be like, “no! Don’t say that, boo it’s not true!’ in my head at certain points in the book in response to some of what he would say.

I will not say anything else, because then I would have to change the title of this review post to “*may contain spoilers*” hehe, so I’ll end it here.

If you’ve also read an arc of this, what have your thoughts been? (please either dm me on Instagram or Twitter, rather than comment your thoughts in the comments).

If you’re an Ali McNamara fan, you should definitely pick this up when it releases!

You have wings. Believe in them and yourself, and you will fly.

Kath xoxo

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