A Review of….The Maiden Ship

maiden-shipTitle: The Maiden Ship

Author: Micheline Ryckman

Publisher: Whimsical Publishing

Star Rating: 5

I’d been following Micheline’s Instagram account and her beautiful illustrations for a while I think, when she announced the upcoming release of this gem of a book, and was gutted I was unable to pre-order the bundle from her website for various reasons – but I was able to pre-order the Kindle edition, and read it for the Defence Against the Dark Arts prompt of the OWLs Magical Readathon hosted by G.

I absolutely loved it! I loved Dain’s character; how determined he is, and his humour and how much he cares about the crew of the ship. I also liked the way Princess Ileana was incorporated into the story, and the sassy Sable was always making me laugh throughout the book as it progressed. I definitely didn’t like a few of the characters when they first appeared in the story but I did warm up to a few of them as I got to know them better

I felt as though the main story plot was very strong, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story as it unfolded; the storyline that the novel folded is definitely one of my favourites to read and I loved the premise – and the twists in the story? Oh my gosh they were amazing.

If there is a sequel to this story, I will definitely be picking up the Kindle edition to that as well (Micheline if you’re reading this please tell me you’re writing a sequel I’d love to read an e-arc of it for you :D).

You have wings. Believe in them and yourself, and you will fly.

Kath xoxo

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