Descendants of Erodis: Flirtations

Descendants of ErodisAt 7am on the dot the next morning, I woke Harry to begin his archery training. He changed into the clothes my father had laid out for him last night, and followed me out to the training grounds without complaint about how early in the day I had woken him.
‘That was great Harry, you’re improving!’ I exclaimed as his third arrow pierced the 10-metre target in front of him through the ring third from the edge. His first arrow had missed the target by a few inches, landing beside it, while the second had sailed passed the target completely and buried itself in a tree almost five meters away, and though it was a good shot it wasn’t quite what we were aiming for.
‘Do you want take a break, or try a few more?’ I asked him.
‘I’d like to try a few more…’ he replied, nocking another arrow – but instead of turning his attention back to the target, he looked over at me, ‘can you help me out?’
I swallowed my initial answer of “I don’t think two people can hold one bow at the same time” and nodded, trying hard not to show my embarrassment as I walked round to his other side.
‘So, what would you like help with?’ I asked, looking him straight in the eyes.
‘I have a steady arm, but I can’t seem to get my aim right.’
‘There are various things that are throwing your aim off, the arm holding your bow being one of them.’
He raised an amused eyebrow.
‘Oh? Why don’t you correct it then?’
A smile tugged at the corners of my mouth as I took several steps closer until I was stood directly in front of him and, looking up at him, told him to relax his arm, ‘you don’t need to keep it so rigid; that’s part of the reason your aim isn’t right.’
Without a word, Harry relaxed his arm and stood motionless as I ran the fingers of my left hand delicately along his arm until they reached his hand, which is where I hesitated.
‘Something wrong?’
I shook my head, perhaps a little too quickly, and used both hands to adjust his so that his forefinger was up, straight, and steady. Moving round to his other side I lifted Harry’s elbow so that it was level with his shoulder, and not pointing towards the ground.
Now, I took a step back, and looked him over until my eyes noticed the positioning of his feet. ‘Sweetie move your body so that your right foot is pointing at the target, your left at me.’
He did as he was told and repositioned his feet as I walked a half-circle around him with my arms crossed over my chest.
‘You’re good to go Harry. Give it another shot – and this time keep both eyes open’ I warned, moving to stand behind him away from the arrow so I wouldn’t be in danger. He cocked his head, frowning innocently.
‘Yes, I caught you closing one eye your last few shots.’
He gave me a lopsided grin and then turned his attention to the target in front of him, pulled his hand back further until the knuckle of his pointer finger met the corner of his mouth, and then let his arrow fly.
It flew towards the target and embedded itself in the first blue ring from the centre.
Dropping his bow, Harry whooped in triumph and wrapped his arms around my waist. I squealed in surprise as he lifted me off the ground, laughing as he spun around a few times.
After a few minutes, he slowed down and set me gently on my feet; the two of us laughing and leaning against each other for support.
‘You are the best archery instructor ever’ Harry smiled after catching his breath.
I chortled, punching him affectionately on the chest, ‘I’m the only one you’ve ever had.’
His smile turned into a grin as he replied, ‘I know but…I wouldn’t want anyone else’ and gazed at me, his soft eyes glistening as he reached out to me; pulling a strand of hair away from my face and after a moment, tentatively caressed my cheek with his thumb.
‘So beautiful. Although I’ve never had the nerve to say it aloud before…I’ve always thought so’ he murmured.
I smiled in return, but just as I was about to answer him the clock mounted on the wall above us chimed 9 o’clock, meaning everyone would heading to the dining room for breakfast.
‘I guess we should head back in and join the others’ he murmured, letting his hand drop to his side and stepping away from me a little.
‘Yes, we-we should.’
He nodded, allowing me to go ahead of him as we headed back to the double doors through which we had come, and headed to breakfast.

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