Descendants of Erodis: The Ball

Descendants of Erodis

The Ball


Two hours later, having been fussed over in my new bedroom by Kaia and Talina I was in a beautiful lilac, Greek style dress which faded to a darker purple near the hem and was split half way down the leg. An Alexandrite jewel necklace hung around my neck and tasteful earrings dangled from my ears, and I wore a pair of pearly white one-inch ballroom slippers. My hair was pulled up into a high ponytail with a dark blue ribbon, a few strands of wavy hair flying freely beside my face.
After possibly the longest dinner I’ve had to date, I was sat on one of the many soft-cushioned chairs lining the large room in which my welcome home ball was being held, the jewel encrusted tiara that had been kept under constant protection by several guards for over ten years, sitting nicely atop my head following my crowning ceremony before the ball, as I waited for Harry to make his way through the guests so we could share our first dance, when a young lord from my parents’ kingdom named Achaeus, whom I had greeted along with our other guests at the start of the banquet, appeared in front of me and held out his hand.
‘May I have this dance, my lady?’
‘Oh, that’s very kind of you to offer Achaeus, but I promised my first dance to Harry.’
He looked around the ballroom, and then back at me. ‘It looks like he might be running a little late, and I can’t very well leave you sitting here on your own . Why don’t you dance with me until he arrives and can take over?’ he replied.
I swallowed and after a moment’s hesitation, placed my hand in his and allowed him to pull me out onto the dance floor.
‘Have you ever danced before?’ he asked as he took my left hand and my waist.
I let out a nervous laugh, ‘only to music in my bedroom, and school discos when I went to them’ as I placed my other hand on his shoulder and he began to guide me across the ballroom floor.
‘Well, you’re dancing beautifully now – and in a gorgeous gown at that’ he grinned, twirling me round twice by the hand.
‘Ha-ha, that’s because you’re guiding me. Without your lead, I wouldn’t be dancing well at all’
He chuckled, before telling me I danced as if I’d been taking lessons almost all my life as he fixed me with an unwavering gaze.
I let out a short laugh, ‘believe me, I -’ I was interrupted mid-reply by a familiar voice, unusually irritated.
‘May I…cut in?’
Acheaus and I stopped mid-spin and turned to see Harry, looking very handsome in a knee-length pastel blue tunic trimmed with grey, and knee-high boots I’ve only ever seen in books about Roman history, or movies, standing beside us.
‘Of course, Harry’ Achaeus answered, and despite giving me the feeling that he wanted to say something else, passed my hand gently into Harry’s.
Harry placed his other hand on my waist and when he spoke a beat later, he sounded irritated. ‘I thought you were keeping your first dance of the evening for me?’
‘And you were late. Achaeus was just keeping me company until you arrived’ I replied as he dipped me towards the floor, and then pulled me up again.
‘I see.’
‘What kept you anyway? You were fifteen minutes late to the ball.’
Harry’s cheeks turned a light shade of red, ‘they um…had a hard time finding a tunic that fit me. I was too um…well, let’s just say most of the ones that they tried on me were too tight around the torso. They had to call for your father in the end, so I could borrow one of his old ones since our builds are similar.’
I giggled, ‘so that’s why you were late coming down.’
Instead of replying Harry pulled me gently into him so that I fell against his chest, cheek pressed against the soft fabric of his tunic as his movements slowed down to a gentle swaying, his hand still holding mine.
‘I never stopped thinking about you after you left Norfolk, and when year eleven Prom arrived I didn’t ask anyone, because you weren’t there’ he whispered gently to me.
Feeling the breath catch in my throat, I replied, ‘I was asked to Prom by several boys in my class, but I turned them all down’ pulling away from his chest to look up at him.
It was at that precise moment, as I looked up, that my head started to spin and I fell into his chest again.
‘You okay?!’ he asked in alarm, catching me around the waist as I collapsed against him.
‘I’m fine…I’ve probably just pushed myself too hard today’ I responded as he supported me and then added regretfully, ‘I think I should probably go to bed.’
He smiled softly down at me, ‘you’ve had a very eventful day, what with meeting your family for the first time in years, and the big dinner and everything – and there’ll be other balls.’
I returned the smile suddenly feeling drained of energy, and after politely refusing Kaia and Talina’s assistance, headed upstairs to my room.


Hey everyone, I hope you enjoyed the second chapter of the day, next one coming tomorrow :).

You have wings. Believe in them and yourself, and you will fly.

Kath xoxo


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