Descendants of Erodis: Síosa

Descendants of Erodis



As the horses crossed what the Guard had told me was the border into Ledoran, I let out a breath of wonder.
‘Wow Ledoran is so beautiful and big, but – don’t kingdoms usually have a wall built around them, to protect against enemy attacks?’
‘The wall is there. It simply shows itself when we are faced with an enemy’ Kenton explained.
‘How does it know when an enemy is approaching? It would have to be a very smart magical wall to know when to appear.’
He chuckled, ‘smart girl.’
At that moment, we entered the kingdom’s capital, Síosa.
As we rode through the streets, I gazed at all the houses we passed. There was not a single dull or insanely dark house in sight. They were all pastel blues, pinks, purples, and several other bright, yet soft colours – but I didn’t have time to wonder at the town and its people, the styling and colours of their clothes like that of Ancient Greece and Rome, because we were nearing the end of the town road.
‘Are you ready to see your birth parents again, Princess?’ asked Jaron as we neared the dazzling palace’s silver gates.
‘I think so…’ I answered as two armoured guards came from either side of the large gates to allow us through.
The two of them bowed to me as I passed through the now open gates, greeting me cheerfully. ‘Welcome home, Your Highness.’
I smiled shyly at them and then returned my attention to the palace ahead of me – the home I had finally returned to.
‘Jaron, what is it in the bricks that makes them glitter in the sunlight?’ I asked.
‘I am afraid I don’t know, Your Highness,’ he answered, and then added, ‘I’ve never asked that question myself, and I don’t believe it my place to. If you ever ask your parents, let me know what they say?’ before winking at me as the palace’s tall doors, their wooden surface etched with intricate patterns and symbols, loomed before us.
‘Open the doors and inform the king and queen that their daughter has been brought home’ Jaron told the men in front of the doors, dismounting as the guard nodded to his companion and the two of them opened the grand doors.
As the other knights dismounted around us, Harry also dismounted and turned to me, placing his hands on my waist and lifting me gently onto the ground, as some young men arrived to take the horses back to the stables, which could be seen a few metres to the left of the palace.
‘Come, Princess Oraelia. It is time to meet your birth parents…and your brother.’



Hello lovelies, I hope you are all staying safe and well doing this difficult time, and hope that you are enjoying the chapters of my novel as they come (what do you make of the end of this chapter?, for example?).

You have wings. Believe in them and yourself, and you will fly.

Kath xoxo

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