Descendants of Erodis: Greece

Descendants of Erodis



After finding Friendship we were sent to three other locations, including Belfast. Now, we were preparing to leave for Greece and Mum and Dad – along with Harry’s parents – were throwing us a family farewell party the night before we were due to leave.
‘I don’t think either of us ever imagined our little ones going travelling together after finishing their A-Levels’ Harry’s mother Hannah, admitted as the six of us sat on the sofas in our living room eating slices of Mum’s delicious Battenberg Cake with hot and cold drinks.

I’d love to tell you that Harry’s parents are blissfully unaware of the fact that I’m a princess from another world, collecting six pieces of a portal puzzle to get back home, and think we were taking a gap year to travel around the world – but I would be lying.

Harry told them when we discovered that the location of the second trinket was in Dublin, and their reactions had surprised me when we presented them with the journal.

This was because they didn’t seem at all shocked by this news, and when I asked them why they simply replied, “we noticed early on that you were a little different to those around you – you could hear birds singing a mile away, see where a ball landed, even if it was miles away.”

‘Ellie, how do you feel about meeting your birth parents?’ Adam asked, taking a gulp of his coffee.
‘I’m not sure, excited I guess. From the picture in the journal they left me, I get the feeling that they are kind, loving parents even though they had to send me into the human world when I was only a few months old’ I answered, opening the journal on my lap and running my fingers lightly over our early family photo.
‘You’ll meet them soon.’
Harry whispered beside me, and I looked sideways at him to see a soft smile on his tan face.
I returned his smile, heart yearning to meet my birth parents for the first time in so long.


At half past eleven the next day, our parents drove us to the airport and saw us off.

Our fathers hugged us both warmly, tearing up and visibly fighting the urge to tug us back in, and break into sobs after releasing us. The same couldn’t be said for my mother. She hugged me tightly to her breast sobbing freely and unashamedly into my shoulder, reluctant to let me go for fear she would never have the chance to hold me again. Hannah, although she was saddened to see me go and tearful at the idea of not seeing me again, was not as visibly distraught as my mother as she hugged me.

Once we had said our final goodbyes, Harry and I passed through security and into the departures lounge to wait for our flight.

‘Something my mother murmured to me before she let me go stuck with me, Ellie. Do you think we’ll be able to return to the human world?’ Harry asked me just under two hours later as we sat in our seats, waiting for the plane to leave.
‘I expect you will’ I replied softly, pulling out one of my favourite books, the first in a non-fiction series: Greek Mythology: Magical & Mythical Creatures, and opened it up on my lap.
‘Why just me? Won’t you get to come back too?!’ he exclaimed, as the last few passengers took their seats.
‘I don’t know…though I suppose once they have me back, my family will want me to stay’ I answered.
‘Surely, they’ll let you visit the human world at least once a year?!’ he exclaimed.
‘Maybe…at least, I hope so.’

While the cabin crew demonstrated how to use the safety equipment, Harry leant towards me.
‘If you get sleepy during the flight, you’re welcome to nap against my shoulder’ he murmured, breath tickling my ear he was so close.
Thanking him, I returned my attention to my book, putting my earphones in to listen to one of my favourite bands.
Four hours later we were at the hotel we’d booked for the night, which was just over half an hour from Poseidon’s Cave, going through the list of things we’d brought with us for the wait until the portal to Elandrea opened as well as the journey to find my parents’ kingdom.

‘Okay, we’re down to our last few items’ Harry announced, having read out four things; two torches and apple, and one large bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate.
‘Two Kellogg’s Nutrigrain bars and bottles of mineral water, four packets of yogurt covered raisins, and the map of Elandrea.’
‘Check, check, check, and…check’ I replied, taking them one by one out of the large backpack we were sharing.
‘It’s already nine o’clock, and we have to be checked out by eleven tomorrow morning, so we should probably go to bed’ Harry told me as he pulled our pyjamas out of the bag, passing me mine.

I nodded. ‘We have a long day ahead of us, so we need to have a good night’s sleep.’
Taking my pyjamas from him, I went into the bathroom to change and brush my teeth.
When I came out, Harry was tugging his t-shirt off over his head; revealing a pair of lightly muscled arms, a broad chest, and well-toned abs.
He looked up as though he sensed my gaze. I felt my cheeks flush and quickly averted my gaze, ‘you-you can use the bathroom now.’

Upon hearing the bathroom door close I climbed into bed, pulling the duvet up to my chin and turning away from the bathroom towards the window.
I heard the bathroom door open a few minutes later, and then felt the bed dip as Harry slid under the covers.
‘Goodnight, Harry’ I murmured.
‘Goodnight, sweetheart. Sweet dreams.’

I smiled at his reply and, ignoring my racing heart, soon fell asleep dreaming of what Elandrea might look like when I finally saw it with my own eyes.


Hey lovelies I hope you are enjoying the chapters so far, what do you think will happen next?

Next chapter, ‘Poseidon’s Cave’ coming tomorrow.

You have wings. Believe in them and yourself, and you will fly.

Kath xoxo

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