Descendant’s of Erodis: The Bracelet Hidden Beneath A Shell

Descendants of Erodis

The Bracelet Hidden Beneath A Shell


A day and a half later we were back home in England, and I was staying over at Harry’s while my parents were away at a conference. The weather had been perfect so far, and there’d been nothing in the forecast to suggest that would change as the day came to a close, so we’d be able to see the location of the next adornment with no problem. As Harry had predicted, there hadn’t been a clear night while we were in Dublin apart from our first night there, and that hadn’t been useful since we’d not yet found the anklet, so we’d had to wait until we get home. I didn’t openly concede to the fact he’d been right, as he can be insufferable when he knows he’s been right about something, but I love him all the same.
Standing under the Moon’s rays now, the same evening we arrived home, I tried to keep a straight face as Harry attempted to figure out what and where the outlined landmark was.
‘It’s that scallop sculpture in Aldeburgh, Harry’ I told him a few minutes later, somehow managing to keep my face composed as I spoke.
‘I can’t believe I couldn’t figure that out,’ Harry chuckled, before adding ‘anyway, it’s less than two hours away. We should call your parents and ask them if they’d be able to take us there in the morning.’

Unable to restrain myself, I let out a giggle.

A small, lopsided grin spread slowly across his face. ‘What?’
‘I was just thinking the same thing.’
Now it was his turn to laugh, ‘I guess that sort of thing comes with knowing someone your entire life.’
‘Right then, let’s call my parents and see if they can pick us up tomorrow on their way back from the conference’ I replied, and pulled out my phone.
As we trudged across the pebbled beach of Aldeburgh the following day, Harry asked ‘can you hear anything yet?’
‘Not yet, no’ I replied, keeping my ears pricked up for the familiar melodic notes.
I called to my parents, who were stood down by the water’s edge skimming pebbles across its surface.
‘Mum, Dad we’re going further on.’
‘Okay honey. Once you’ve found it we’ll get some fish and chips, and maybe an ice cream if the weather stays nice’ Dad called back.
‘Sounds good’ I replied, waving at them as Harry and I made our way towards The Scallop.
As I drew nearer, the familiar melody began to play in my ears; guiding me until it faded away where the sculpture dipped into the pebbles and created a gap that children often hide in when playing hide-and-seek (at least, Harry and I did when we were kids).
‘Which one is it?’ Harry asked, appearing behind me as I ducked under to retrieve what was blinking at me out of the light-speckled darkness.
‘It’s the bracelet, Friendship’ I answered, showing it to him as I re-emerged and taking out my notebook and pencil to cross it off the list.
With the bracelet retrieved Harry, my parents, and I went shopping and ate fish and chips in front of the beach, and an ice cream on the way back to the car, before heading home.


Hey lovelies, I hope you enjoyed this chapter another one will be going up tomorrow – maybe two, you will have to stay tuned ;).

You have wings. Believe in them and yourself, and you will fly.

Kath xoxo

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