A Review of…Beyond the Deepwoods

img_20200405_181740Title: Beyond the Deepwoods

Author: Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell (illustrator)

Publisher: Corgi

COWWT: 25/25 (5/5)

Characters: 5

I fell instantly in love with Twig’s character, and really felt for him throughout his struggles on the journey he makes after having to leave the only home he’s ever known. I also liked Spelda because of her caring for him as her own for so long, as well as the caterbird. The Banderbear, oh the Banderbear I loved him so much! I absolutely detested some of the other characters though, especially the hover worm ugh *shiver*.

Ooh! Factor: 5

So many of the events in the book elicited a lot of reactions from me, from facial expressions of sympathy and/or anger, to laughter.

Writing Style: 5

Stewart’s writing style is just amazing and flows so well, which makes it really easy to read. It is written so well, and had me turning page after page, I was so excited and eager to see what was coming next.

World Building: 5

Oh my gosh the world building in this book, it was amazing! The descriptions of the characters and creatures of The Edge and the illustrations by Riddell throughout the book really added to the feeling like you were right there with Twig on his journey.

Tone: 5

Although it did change throughout the novel, the tone was always clear to me as I was reading,  flipping from pain and sadness, to fear, to happiness and others.


If you’ve ever read this novel – or any of the other volumes in The Edge Chronicles series, what were your thoughts?

You have wings. Believe in them and yourself, and you will fly.

Kath xoxo

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