Descendants of Erodis: Before Dublin

Descendants of Erodis

Before Dublin


When I woke up the next day, I found myself with the same view I’d fallen asleep to; Harry’s chest…and I could still feel his arm wrapped around me. He must not have moved the entire night.
Pulling back a little, I looked up…and straight into Harry’s eyes.

He smiled at me. ‘Good morning, Hazel.’

This affectionate nickname goes all the way back to when we were children, and my fascination with hazelnut trees. I used to wonder how it was that they could be turned into chocolate spread though later, when we were older and I’d grown out of the fascination, Harry started calling me by it because of the colour of my eyes.

I blinked at him in surprise and then let a grin spread across my face.

‘No-one’s called me that since I left Norfolk – not even my parents.’
He blushed, ‘my memory doesn’t falter when it comes to you, even after so long apart.’

I swallowed, holding his unusually misty gaze with some difficulty, as I felt my own cheeks warm up in embarrassment. Just as he opened his mouth to say something else, my Dad’s voice boomed from downstairs.

‘Harry, Ellie breakfast in ten minutes!’
I bit down softly on my lip and pulled away from Harry, getting up and grabbing some clothes before going into my bathroom to change.


A couple of weeks later our exams were over, and we were booking our flights to Dublin to find the next trinket and buying euros for the trip.

Once the tickets were booked for five days’ time, we set about completing our to-do list and then discussed our plans for searching for the second portal part.
‘Okay, so we spend our first day there searching for the next piece of jewellery and then spend the rest of the time relaxing and sightseeing? There’s not likely to be a clear night while we’re there, so we’ll have to wait until we return home before we can use the next piece of jewellery to find the third’ Harry suggested.
‘Sounds like a plan’ I replied, grinning and inwardly chuckling at the fact that, because it was Dublin and it can often be cold, rainy and dreary a lot of the time, Harry didn’t expect there to be a clear night during our stay.
‘What do you think will happen once we’ve found all the trinkets?’ he asked, fiddling absentmindedly with the hem of his shirt.
‘Maybe it says something in the journal?’ I wondered, pulling it out from its secret place beneath my bed and opened it, flicking through its many pages until I found the last page titled Portal Pieces at the top.
Scanning the page, I soon found what I was looking for, and read out the message.

‘When you’ve found all six pieces of the portal, travel to the island of myth and legend, and to where Poseidon’s Cave lies on the shores of Karpathos.
Once you have located the cave, put the stones of each piece of jewellery together and place the completed mechanism before the back wall, and wait for the last rays of daylight to reach the cave, at which point a portal to our world will be opened to you. Once you’ve stepped into Elandrea the mechanism will disappear with you.’

‘Land of myth and legend, Karpathos and Poseidon’s Cave…they’re all to do with Greece. Greece is where the first part of our adventure will end’ I murmured, looking up as he returned to my side.

Harry was silent for some time as he read the message himself until, finally, he closed the journal and passed it back to me.
‘We have quite the task ahead of us, don’t we Hazel’ he uttered softly, more as a fact than a question.
‘Well it’s more my task than yours, but yes.’

Harry sucked his bottom lip nervously, and then gently wrapped his hand around mine.
‘I’ll be there the whole time. I won’t leave you, even if you ask me to’ he promised, voice gentle but firm, his tone leaving no room for argument.
I squeezed his hand back. ‘You have always kept your promises Harry, and I know you always will.’
I leant forward and pressed a light kiss to his left cheek before pulling back and meeting his gaze.
‘I won’t leave you either. You mean the world to me’ I told him, my voice barely audible.
He swallowed audibly and his eyes trembled.
I took a deep breath and answered the unanswered question in his eyes, my heart pounding in my ears.
‘I don’t think I ever told you this before my parents and I moved here Harry, but I love you.’


Hey lovelies, I hope you’ve been enjoying the chapters so far and that you also enjoyed this one too ( as always you’ve not read the previous chapters please go back and read those, otherwise you may not follow the chapters that follow this one). Stay tuned, as another chapter is coming later this afternoon!

You have wings. Believe in them and yourself, and you will fly.

Kath xoxo


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