Descendants of Erodis: Magic By Moonlight

Descendants of Erodis


Magic By Moonlight


Three days of cloudy days and nights full of scattered showers later, Thursday brought in clear skies which carried on into the night.

With the sky finally clear of clouds, and the Moon shining bright above us Harry and I were finally able to use the earring to find the next location.After dinner the two of us adorned our light jackets and headed out into the back garden, the earring I’d found nearly a week ago in my hand.

‘Are you ready to begin the adventure back to your homeland?’ Harry asked.

‘I’m nervous…but yes, I am ready for the adventure’ I answered, not looking at him as I held the stone up to the pearly light of the Moon.

Although I wasn’t holding it mere inches from my face, the outline of the landmark was as clear as if it was right in front my eyes.

‘Whoa, that’s amazing,’ Harry breathed, observing the outline over my shoulder, ‘it’s as clear as the day we’ve had today, you don’t even have to squint!’

‘I know, it’s weird…now, I’m sure I’ve seen this building before – but, I can’t seem to remember where I’ve seen it. Do you have any ideas?’

Harry studied the stone for a minute or so before saying ‘it’s hard to tell because of the lack of detail, but judging by the four domes I can see on top of the building, it’s the Four Courts in Dublin.’

‘You’ve been there?’ I asked him, pocketing the earring so I wouldn’t accidentally drop it and loose it amongst the grass.

‘Yeah, Mum and Dad took me for my birthday one year…though it felt more like a history trip than anything; my father dragging myself and Mum to all the sights and landmarks’ he answered, chuckling at the memory.

‘Hehe, I haven’t been there myself so I’m looking forward to it’ I giggled as we reentered the house.T en minutes later, we were sat on my bed working on a list of things we wanted to do before we headed out on our adventure back to the land of my birth, an episode of Fairy Tail playing on my laptop on the bed in front of us .

‘Our families could go on a camping trip over that weekend’ Harry suggested.

‘That sounds fun. This year could well be the last chance we have to go camping with them!’ I exclaimed, agreeing with him, and jotting it down in my notebook under all the other things we wanted to do before we began our search for the remaining magical jewellery:Harry Potter Movie MarathonTake a joint family walk to Tuddenham or a trip to Aldeburgh (+ lunch?)See a movie at the cinema/ film theatre

‘Is there anything else you’d like to do here before we go off on our adventure?’ I asked him, lowering the pen and notebook in my hand.

‘I can’t think of anything else. What about you?’

I shook my head and looked back at the movie.’Ellie, can I ask you something?”Of course, go ahead’ I encouraged, smiling.

‘In the time that you’ve lived here – before I happened upon you in the park – did you…have any boyfriends?’

I blinked at him in surprise.

‘N-never mind. Forget I said anything.’

‘Um, okay’ I replied, slightly confused, and turned my attention back to Fairy Tail, wondering why he’d asked.

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You have wings. Believe in them and yourself, and you will fly.

Kath xoxo

P.s. If you haven’t read the first five chapters yet, what are you doing?! Go back and read them before you carry on.

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