Descendants of Erodis: Back Then

Descendants of Erodis

Back Then


When I emerged a few minutes later, Harry was lying back against the pillows on the now made up pull-out-bed, in a grey t-shirt and baby blue shorts, with his nose in a book.
‘The bathroom’s free’ I told him as I sat myself down on the end of my own bed.
‘Okay, thanks.’
He got up and stretched as he replied, the muscles in his well-toned arms bulging a little as he did so, and then went over to his backpack to retrieve his bath bag before heading into the en suite.

I quickly changed into my Minnie Mouse pyjamas – don’t judge me, okay? I’ve loved her since I was little – while I had the chance, before pulling my journal from its hiding place.
Flicking through several filled pages, I found a blank one and began to write with my special fountain pen:

Dear Journal,
I don’t have a clue what is going on with me! I’ve never blushed at Harry’s touch before, and –

Upon hearing the bathroom door open, I quickly re-hid the journal and pen under my pillow as Harry came over to the bed and flopped, face-down, onto his own, groaning against the pillow.
‘What’s up with you?’ I asked, turning over onto my stomach as he did the opposite.
‘Tired. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I’ve known you as Ellie my whole life, and then find out – along with yourself – that you’re actually a princess from a whole other world sent here for your own protection, and that your real name is Oraelia Teranis’ he replied, folding his arms behind his head as I slowly pulled myself up and hopped lightly onto the other bed.

Lying down beside him I rolled onto my side, and rested my head on my forearm as I gazed over at him.

‘Harry I’m still me. It’s just that my identity has changed’
He turned his head, returning my gaze, a smile on his face, ‘I know.’

Turning over so that he was mirroring me, Harry reached out and ever so gently brushed my cheek with the back of his fingers..

‘I don’t want to lose you, I only just found you again’ he told me softly.
I smiled at him, ‘you’re not going to.’
‘How can you be sure?’ he answered, eyes quivering as he did.
‘Because when I am reunited with my biological parents, I’m going to tell them that I won’t be staying a second longer, if they don’t allow you to stay with me.’
I closed the short distance between us and buried my face in his warm chest: curling my fingers into his soft t-shirt, and told him that I didn’t want to lose him either. That I wouldn’t.
Not long after he softly uttered my name, I felt his free arm wrap around me and pull me closer so our legs were touching. When I tried to pull away, he only held me tighter.
‘Do you remember when we were kids, and we’d have sleepovers every other weekend, or during the holidays that spanned the year, and would both sleep in the same bed?’
I felt my cheeks begin to burn.
‘Can we do that now?’
‘We were kids, it didn’t matter back then, but we’re older now…at a certain age, you know? And I -’
‘Ellie, we might be older than we were the last time we had a sleepover, but we’re still the same people – and I’m not going to try anything.’

I opened my mouth to argue more; that I wasn’t worried about him trying anything, because I trusted him, but I couldn’t bring myself to tell him the reason I was opposed to the idea – it would be way too embarrassing.

‘All right, I acquiesce to your request’ I relented, voice slightly muffled by his chest, and closed my eyes as he – completely ignoring the duvet folded at the end of the bed – wrapped his arm tighter around me so I wouldn’t be cold during the night. In no time at all I fell asleep to the sound of his steady breathing.


Ooh! Hope you enjoyed the last chapter of the day, two will be going up tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled (and remember, if you haven’t read the previous chapters go back and read them!).

You have wings. Believe in them and yourself, and you will fly.

Kath xoxo

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