Descendants of Erodis: A Sweet Moment

Descendants of Erodis

A Sweet Moment


The next day Harry’s parents were downstairs, chatting with mine while Harry and I watched Magic Sword: Quest for Camelot in my den, up in the loft room on my favourite lilac couch; a bowl of salty popcorn on the coffee table in front of us.

When the movie was over, and we were back in my room, we had another look at the illustrations of the remaining jewellery trying to see if we could figure out the order we’d find them in.

‘Which item of jewellery do you think we’ll find in Dublin ?’ Harry asked, sitting beside me in front of my bed.‘I’m not sure….the necklace maybe? It’s usually what I put on after putting on earrings, when I wear them’, pulling my legs up to my chest I wrapped my arms around them, and rested my chin on my knees.
‘…What do you think my birth parents will be like, Harry?’
‘If they are anything like you they’ll be kind, warm hearted, and have the brightest smiles.’

I looked sideways at him – only to be struck down by his sweet smile.
‘Thank-thank you, Harry. That makes me feel a little less worried about meeting them’ I replied, heat rising to my cheeks.
‘Why would you be worried about meeting them? They’re your birth parents’ he asked, surprised.
‘Yes, but I’ve never actually met them – they sent me to live in the human world for my own protection when I was just a baby.’
‘They obviously loved you enough to care more about your safety than their desire to keep you close to them’ Harry offered softly.
I smiled at him; he’s always known what to say. ‘Changing the subject, regarding your earlier question…I’ve never had a boyfriend.’

He looked surprised, ‘you haven’t?’

I shook my head, not commenting on his flushed cheeks. ‘I’ll admit I’ve been on a few dates, but neither of them led to a relationship because neither one of us felt a connection, or developed romantic feelings toward the other’
‘Oh…ha-have you ever kissed someone?’ he stammered.
‘At a few birthday parties, because of Spin-the-Bottle and 7-Minutes in Heaven…why?’
‘Oh – I – um, no reason’ he replied quickly, and I smiled at his bashfulness and the redness appearing in his cheeks.
‘Fair enough. How about you, have you ever had a girlfriend, or kissed anyone?’
‘Like you, I took part in Spin-the-Bottle, and 7-Minutes in Heaven – but no, no girlfriends to speak of’ he replied, almost as quickly as I had.

I sighed, feeling drained of energy, and leant my head against Harry’s shoulder, hearing him chuckle above me in return.

‘Are you sleepy?’
I nodded and pulled away from him, getting up to pull out the bed beneath my own.
‘Give me a hand please, Harry? I can never do this on my own.’
‘You could never do things like this on your own when we were kids, either. Remember that one time I was round your house over in Saffron Walden? We were playing in the garden, and I had to help you lift the seesaw away, so you could do cartwheels?’ he chuckled as we pulled out the bed.
I let out a light chuckle myself, ‘do you remember when you had to help me lift a bag of soil over to Dad when he was redoing a flowerbed when were eight and nine?’
Having grabbed the extra bedding from the top shelf of my closet – which I use more so for general storage rather than clothes as I have a chest of drawers and a clothing rail – I was pulling the mattress cover onto the bed when Harry lay his hand, large and startlingly warm, over mine.

‘Let me do that.’

I lifted my eyes to his, and felt my heart began to race as he gazed down at me from above, his beautiful eyes shimmering in the light of my floor lamp.
‘I-I can do it, really – besides you’re my guest, you shouldn’t have to make your own bed’ I stammered, attempting to pull my hand from his firm yet gentle grip – but he wouldn’t let me go.

‘Ellie, let go. I can do this.’

The unexpected softness in his voice caused my cheeks to redden, and I let go of the cover before my heart rate could rise any further.

What’s wrong with me?

‘If you’re okay doing that, I’m going to brush my teeth’ I told him and fled into my en suite bathroom, so he wouldn’t notice my reddened cheeks. If he hadn’t already.


Hope you enjoyed this chapter, stay tuned for the last one for the day! (go back to the first chapter and read up to the previous chapter if you haven’t read them yet, it doesn’t work if you read this one first!)

You have wings. Believe in them and yourself, and you will fly.

Kath xoxo


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