Descendants of Erodis: An Unusual Piece of Jewellery


Descendants of Erodis

Hello my lovelies, I hope you enjoyed the first two chapters, here is the third :). Don’t worry, there won’t be a note like this before every chapter, I think before the first three is enough hehe.


An Unusual Piece of Jewellery


About a fortnight (maybe longer) after our reunion in the park, which included my parents’ joy at seeing Harry again and inviting him to stay for dinner and a catch up, Harry and I are in the library doing schoolwork. He’s working on something for History, while I’m working on a Psychology essay but we’re also helping each other out. It just so happens that we both chose and did well in the respective subjects in our first year of six form, but chose not to take them into the second year (Harry is doing History, Mathematics and Biology and I’m taking Art, Psychology and Spanish).

Three and a half hours later, Harry closed his text book and laptop, ‘shall we call it a day?’

‘Yes please, my brain has had enough of studying for one day’ I replied, closing my own and rubbing at my tired eyes.

He chuckled as we put our books away.

‘We’ve been here for almost four hours, are you hungry?’ he asked as we headed outside.

My stomach grumbled loudly, making me blush and eliciting a laugh from Harry.

‘McDonald’s, or Costa?’

‘Costa please, I could do with a tomato and mozzarella Panino’ I replied with a grin, and then stopped mid-step as a soft tinkling sound met my ears.

I frowned. There were no buskers around so where was it coming from? As I turned my head, searching for the source of the sound, the tinkling grew louder and sounded as though it was coming from the tree ten paces to my right, and something was glinting in the sunlight, amongst the soil surrounding it.

As I walked closer to the tree, this beautiful sound grew louder and louder until I crouched down over the soil and began to brush it away, at which point it began to grow quieter.

The soft music faded to complete silence when I discovered the silver earring with a polished stone the colour of aquamarine and shaped like one half of the Yin-Yang symbol, a small heart engraved into the curved silver casing at the top, buried beneath all the soil and bark.

‘What’s that doing there?’ Harry asked behind me.

‘I have no idea, I’ve not seen anything like it before’ I replied.

Chewing my lip nervously, I thought about whether to tell him about the music I’d heard before discovering the strange earring. What if he laughs at me, or thinks I’m crazy? Then I realised that Harry was my friend – my best friend, even after all this time, so of course he wouldn’t laugh or tell me I should go and see a doctor.

‘Harry, this might sound weird or even crazy, but I swear I heard this lovely, lilting tune as I approached the tree that grew louder until it grew silent after I uncovered the earring…what do you think that means?’ I looked up at him confidently.

He stood looking thoughtfully between me to the earring, and then back again, before speaking.

‘Why don’t you ask your parents about it when you get home? They might know something. It’s quite possible you heard something similar when you were younger and have simply forgotten about it’ he suggested.

‘Good idea’ I nodded with a smile, sliding the mysterious piece of jewellery into the inside pocket of my shoulder bag to keep it safe. Ever since we were children, he’s had a knack for finding a solution to problems or questions, and that’s something I’ve always loved about him.

‘Right then, a tomato and mozzarella Panino and a mixed berry cooler for the lady?’ he asked.I grinned at him.

‘You know me so well.”Yes, I do’ he replied, returning the grin and throwing his arm over my shoulder as we headed to Costa Coffee.

Hope you enjoyed this next chapter, see you after the next one :).

You have wings. Believe in them and yourself, and you will fly.

Kath xoxo

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