Descendants of Erodis: An Old Friend

Descendants of Erodis


Hey everyone, I hope you enjoyed the first chapter, here’s the next one 🙂


An Old Friend

Eighteen years later…

It was a warm summer’s morning in Ipswich, England, and I was sitting on a bench in Christchurch Park re-reading the second of a favourite series of mine for what must have been the third time, when a voice pulled my attention away from the page I was reading.

‘Ellie, is that you?’

Recognising the voice, I looked up from my book in surprise, and found myself looking into the ocean blue eyes of an old friend.

‘Harry!’ I exclaimed with a smile, marking my place in the book before getting up and crossing the short distance between us. We shared a slightly awkward but warm hug, both wearing broad smiles as we parted.

‘How long has it been? Six years?’ Harry wondered aloud as we started a walk around the park together once I’d grabbed my bag and put my book away.

‘I think my parents and I moved a few months into the autumn term of year seven of high school, so yeah that’d be about right,’ I replied, stepping over an exposed tree root so I wouldn’t trip and embarrass myself.

‘Did you stay in Norwich until you finished high school?’ I asked him as we reached the smaller of Christchurch Park’s ponds.

‘No, we moved to Buckinghamshire when I finished year eight because Dad was relocated for his job, where we stayed for a year, before Dad’s job relocated him again, this time to Shropshire. Back in the Spring of last year, Dad quit his job and applied for a new one in Suffolk. When he got it, the house and my six form were sorted out, and we moved here over the summer’ he replied as we reached an unoccupied bench.

‘Oh? I thought Adam loved his job?’ I enquired (Adam is his father’s name), frowning as we sat down.’He did love the job, but they wanted to continue relocating him for the next four years, and he didn’t want to keep moving me and Mum around the country so he made the decision to quit – though how you and I have not bumped into each other until now is a mystery to me’ he answered, leaning back against the bench and gazing up at the sky.

‘Ipswich is a relatively big town, and judging by the fact we’ve not bumped into each other until now suggests we’re not attending the same six form – if we were, I would have spotted you the first day of term back in September in the sea of faces’ I mused aloud, looking at him out of the corner of my eye and smiling.

Harry chuckled, clasping his hands together and leaning forward on his knees, turning to look at me as his mop of caramel coloured hair fell into his eyes, ‘what sets me apart in the crowd?’

I thought his question over for a second, smiling as I answered. ‘It would have been your eyes, they’re a beautiful shade of blue…like the Atlantic Ocean.’

He grinned back at me, eyes crinkling cutely at the corners as they had when we were kids, in lieu of a thank you. Then, without me even asking him the question he said, ‘it’s your smile that sets you apart in the crowd – plus you’re one of the fastest people I know, so even if I’d missed you on the first day I would definitely have been able to single you out on the running track.’

‘You only needed to say one thing, Harry,’ I laughed, punching him playfully in the shoulder before standing up and holding my hand out to him. ‘Now come on, we have six years of friendship to catch up on.’

I hope you enjoyed the second chapter, stay tuned for the third :). Oh! Just a quick note; there are two “books” in this novel, ORAELIA is the first and EVANDER will be the second. Additionally, where you see “Part xxx:xxx” before a chapter in the post title, but not before the following chapters it means that these correspond to the same Part, as well as the perspective of the character telling the story. When the title of a new chapter is preceded by “Part xxx: xxx”, it means the perspective has changed.

You have wings. Believe in them and yourself, and you will fly.

Kath xoxo

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