Descendants of Erodis; Map+ (ORAELIA) Part One: Oraelia, Jeii 1997, Síosa Palace, Ledoran, Elandrea

Here is a glimpse into the world of Elandrea, through this gorgeous map illustrated by my good friend Hannah – horrortist and viewtiful_arts on Instagram.

rectangle ver grey5 (3)

And now, take your first step into the story, enjoy!


Jeii 1997, Síosa Palace, Ledoran, Elandrea

It was was nine o’clock on a Tuesday evening, troubling and terrifying news had reached the palace of Ledoran, and everyone was in a panic.

‘Is it true? Does Ascevos really plot to kidnap, and kill, Oraelia before she reaches childhood?’ Queen Pheonala asked King Gardohil, who had come to warn her and her husband King Thäro, about the Uaea Ki Ascevos’ twisted plan to kill Princess Oraelia, who was barely a month old, to prevent a prophecy about her from coming true.

‘I’m afraid so’ he replied, his voice thick with sadness and repressed anger.

Pheonala let out a sob and turned into Thäro, who comforted her.

‘What can we do to keep her safe? She’s bound to wonder around our lands – especially the beach. Ascevos could have warriors posted anywhere near the coast, and snatch her away’ he asked, the worry in his voice all too palpable.

Gardohil was silent for several seconds, and then sighed as though filled with regret at what he was about to say.

‘The only way we can ensure her safety is to send her to the human world until she’s old enough to protect herself and come home.’

‘But, how will she get home when she is ready?’ Pheonala asked, wiping her tear-streaked face with her handkerchief.

‘With six pieces which will form a portal into our world once successfully put together. I’ll infuse them with some of my magic, so that they let out a melody when she’s in their presence, and then scatter them across the human world. You two will hold onto a fully formed version of the portal creator, and each symbol will glow when she retrieves each part, until the symbol at the centre glows and Oraelia’s completed device appears beside your own. This will signal that she has come home, and that Jaron and his men can now be sent out to greet her and bring her home.’

Thäro and Pheonala glanced at each other, and then nodded their agreement.

Four months later the six portal segments, each engraved with a symbol representing values held dear to Ledoran and its allies, had been made and infused with Gardohil’s magic, along with the fully formed version for Oraelia’s parents to hold onto.

Gardohil had then thrown the Pieces through a portal into the human world to be scattered, and Oraelia’s parents had written two letters to the couple they were entrusting their daughter to and had enclosed them – along with a journal Pheonala had compiled over the months- within a large cream envelope, to be taken with their daughter into the human world.

‘Goodbye, beautiful girl’ Thäro murmured to the sleeping baby girl when it was time to say goodbye, and softly kissed his daughter’s forehead.

‘We’ll see you again, when you are able to find your way home. We love you’ Pheonala whispered, tears filling her eyes as she held out her finger and stroked little Oraelia’s soft cheeks.

Once the king and queen had said their goodbyes, Gardohil took the sleeping princess into his arms along with the rather bulky envelope, stepped through the portal, and Princess of Oraelia Teranis of Ledoran, disappeared.

When she returned at eighteen, a prophecy that could not be undone would be fulfilled.This is where our Elandrean tale begins, but it will be a long while before it comes to an end.

I hope you enjoyed this first chapter of the first book in the series (yes, there is more than one!), stay tuned for the next one.

You have wings. Believe in them and yourself, and you will fly.

Kath xoxo

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