A Review of…Wild Magic

img_20200108_193021 Title: Wild Magic

Author: Tamara Pierce

Publisher: Athenium

COWWT: 25/25 (5/5)

Character: 5

I really liked Daine’s character and her amazing connection with animals.  I also adored Onua and her caring nature –  and Numair, and so many more of the characters.

Ooh! Factor: 5

Oh so many things – if I told you, I would spoil the entire book if you haven’t read it!

Writing Style: 5

I really enjoyed the author’s style writing; it flowed well, I had no trouble following the story and never had to double-back to a page because I was confused.

World Building: 5

Oh my gosh the world building in this was so good! It made the novel so immersive, and I thought I was there with the characters.

Tone: 5

Although the tone alternated from one to the other throughout the novel, it was very easy to spot and I feel like each one suited the point in the novel at which it changed.


If you’ve read Wild Magic, what are your own thoughts? Either comment below, message me on my Instagram (@Katharinabookmadsinead), or drop me an email (See Contact Me page) so we can have a chat :).

You have wings. Believe in them and yourself, and you will fly.

Kath xoxo


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