Descendants of Erodis on Wattpad!

Hello everyone, how are you all?

A quick little announcement that you may not have seen if you don’t follow me on twitter or my author page on Facebook, but the first fourteen chapters of DoE will be uploaded to Wattpad to give people more of a sneak peak than you’d get if you were to click “look inside!” on the book on Amazon, with the option to buy at the bottom of the last part – though I may at some point add the link to all the chapters  if people are sold before they get to the end.

Any-who, below are links to my Wattpad and author Facebook pages

(just a quick note, you will need to sign up to Wattpad to read further – I think, don’t quote me on this – than chapter 2 or 3 – don’t worry though, it’s free!)

Wattpad Page

Author Page (Facebook)


You have wings. Believe in them and yourself, and you will fly.

Until the next time!

Kath xoxo

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