A Review of…Malamander (WARNING: May Contain Spoilers)

img_20191124_084619Title: Malamander

Author: Thomas Taylor

Publisher: Walker Books

COWWT:  24/25 ( 4  stars)

Characters: 5

I found the characters of Malamander fascinating, particularly the names used for the two main characters. I love the fact that they are called Herbert (Herbie) Lemon and Violet Parma, as they’re sweets which have  been slightly altered to resemble names, which is so cute! Aside from this, I found the names of other characters amusing to discover. Among the characters I met as I read, I found Mrs F particularly fascinating because of the fact she appeared to live up to her name because of her hobby – however, there are characters within the story whom I thoroughly disliked.

Ooh! Factor: 5

There was plenty that made me gasp in surprise, or laugh, frown, and growl in anger – and there were at least two occurrences which really blew me away , though I won’t divulge them.

Writing Style: 5

I loved Taylor’s writing style; it was easily readable and flowed really well – and some of the story felt weirdly fantastical.

World Building: 4

I do not usually do a full COWWT rating on novels that aren’t written in a fantasy setting, but this novel felt fantastical just through the words that its creator has spun, and the location in which he has set his novel feels otherworldly.  Although I don’t feel like it’s a full-out fantasy novel, I still felt like it deserved high World Building score.

Tone: 5

Throughout the novel, I felt the constant themes of desperation; fear; amazement and so many other emotions.

If you’ve read this, or other works by Thomas Taylor comment down below (remember to be respectful) – I for one, cannot wait for Malamander #2!

You have wings. Believe in them and yourself, and you will fly.

Kath xoxo

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