I’m back!

Hey everyone,

If you’ve not noticed, I’ve been absent from my blog for a while. I felt like I needed to take a little time out to concentrate more on my uni work (I had quite a number of assignments to work on).

Although not working on posts, I’ve still kept the blog in the back of my mind. I have said in a past post (from some time ago, I think) about posting on certain days at a certain time…but, unfortunately and regretfully I didn’t keep to that, which I can image has been quite irritating for those of you who have been following me since I started the blog.

Having had a lot of time to think about the best way for me to stick to a schedule, and not have it so sporadic I have come up with a strategy that will cause less stress for me, but still give my wonderful readers regular posts. This, I share with you all below:

As many blog posts as I can will be written (initially) over the course of a week (reviews, or wrap-ups etc.), and scheduled to post at 10am at least 2x a week over a period of three weeks (new reviews will are likely be included,too) ,at which point there will be a small gap while I take a break and compile any new reviews that I haven’t managed to post over that time and then the cycle will start over.

If at any point the way I post is going to change, or I am going to take a longer break, I will do a post informing you all of it. If you have any questions, or suggestions regarding the way I have decided to post – please be kind about it; I appreciate and welcome constructive criticism but I will not tolerate rudeness or foul language on my blog so any comments I consider to be either will be removed immediately.

Edit: in the period between mid-to-late February and 12th May – this year and next year  –  I have assignments I have to focus on writing and submitting before their deadlines, so there will be little-to-no blog posts in that time unless they have been scheduled ahead of time – I will however try to get additional posts up in the gap between March and May assignment submissions if I can. Thank you for your understanding 🙂

You have wings. Believe in them, and yourself, and you will fly.

Kath xoxo

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