A Review of….Coming Home to Glendale Hall (ARC)

glendale hall

Received from the publisher via Netgalley

Release date: tomorrow!

Title: Coming Home to Glendale Hall

Author: Victoria Walters

Publisher: Hera Books

COWT Rating:  19 /20 ( 4/5)

(Books that are not fantasy will not be rated on World Building)

Characters: 5 

I really loved Beth’s character: she’s a bad-ass single mother who’s worked hard to build a life for herself and her young daughter. I loved Drew’s character too, because he’s so kind, warmhearted and accepting; wanting to get to know his daughter once he finds out about her, rather than dismiss the knowledge of her and carry on with his life as if Beth had never told him of her existence.


Ooh! Factor: 4

There were a fair amount of surprises throughout the book, but I was expecting a few of the things that came to pass.


Writing Style: 5

The writing style of the novel made it easy to follow, and I devoured it easily in less than a week!

Tone: 5

There were definitely many different tones to the  story: pain, love, romance, anger – so I couldn’t pin-point, but I love that about this novel.


If you read it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


You have wings. Believe in them and yourself, and you will fly.


Kath xoxo


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