A Review of…Aftershocks (The Palladium Wars #1) – NEWTs Care of Magical Creatures, Acceptable


Title: Aftershocks (The Palladium Wars #1)

Author: Mark Kloos

Publisher: 47North

COWWT: 19/25 (3.9 stars)

Characters: 3

There were three or four alternating point-of-views within the story, which meant I was unable to really get to know any of the characters properly.

Oooh! Factor: 3.5

A few things made me react with frowns or gasps, but not a whole lot.

Writing Style: 4

The story flowed well and was relatively easy to read, and easily kept my attention throughout.

World Building: 5

There was amazing attention to detail in the world that Marko has created; of the characters’ surroundings, the planets of the world he has created. The detailed, yet short, descriptions throughout the novel created images in my mind as I read.

Tone: 4

Throughout the novel there was a definite sense of stress, despair,suspicion, and joy among other emotions, made obvious in character speech and the descriptions of some of their experiences.


You have wings. Believe in them and yourself, and you will fly.

Kath xoxo

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