A Review of…Potkin and Stubbs (Potkin and Stubbs #1) by Sophie Green

img_20190707_082420Title: Potkin and Stubbs

Author: Sophie Green

Publisher: Piccadilly Press

COWWT: 25/25 (5/5)



Characters: 5

I found Lil a really engaging character; she was determined and seemingly fearless, and unrelenting in her search for answers. I also liked Nedly, as he worked so well alongside Lil, and they complemented each other well too; some of their exchanges were quite funny.

Ooh! Factor: 5

This novel had plenty of ooh! Factor. I don’t think I went three pages (this is probably an exaggeration) without something surprising me.

Writing Style: 5

I usually find in the Middle Grade books I read, that the writing style is easier to follow; perhaps because things are put more simply in places – though with no less detail, which in some cases allows me to read with more ease than some YA or Fantasy novels. Indeed, in Potkin and Stubbs this was the case; the story was easy to follow, but was still filled with action and mystery on every page.

World Building: 5

Despite not being a fantasy novel – despite some specific details – there was a considerable amount of awesome descriptions of place that made me feel a part of Lil’s investigation.

Tone: 5

The tone of the novel was definitely mystery and creepiness, as well as friendship, though this is more of a theme than a tone of the novel.


If you’ve read this, what were your thoughts on it?

You have wings. Believe in them and yourself, and you will fly.

Kath xoxo

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