A Review of… Sand Dancer (Arc)


Title: Sand Dancer (arc via Netgalley)

Author: Trudie Skies

Publisher: Uproar Books

Publish Date: 1st July. ’19

COWWT:24/25  (5/5)


Characters: 5

Although I didn’t like all of them – quite a few of them I didn’t like even a little bit because of their actions – they were all vibrant and alive as I read it, and each character was well written;  no two had the same exact personality or temperament, which I loved.


Ooh! Factor: 4

There was plenty that surprised me as the novel progressed, though there were a few things that happened as it took its course which I was expecting.


Writing Style: 5

I really enjoyed Skies’ writing style, because it made it next to impossible to stop reading, it flowed so well and made me feel totally immersed in the story.


World Building: 5

I love the world Skies has created in her stunning debut novel; like her characters, the cities and other locations of her world were vibrant, alive and incredibly immersive, and leapt out of my kindle at me as I read.


Tone: 5

There were definitely core tones within this novel which shone through the chapters as the novel progressed, allowing me to really get into it and helped me to connect with the protagonist(s).


I absolutely loved reading this arc, and if there is a sequel, I would love to read it when it comes out! Even if there is no sequel though, I will definitely be reading more from this author when she comes out with books in the future. If you happen to pick this up when it comes out I hope you enjoy it!


You have wings. Believe in them, and you will fly. Knowing this, you will be able to do anything you set your mind to.


Kath xoxo


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