A Review of….City of Ghosts


Title: City of Ghosts

Author: Victoria Schwab

Publisher: Scholastic


I read this back in March, and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to post my review (face palms herself in frustration). You will notice that the review’s layout I used to write in, and as I wrote the review a while ago, I didn’t know how to translate it into the COWWT system I now use. Anyway, onto the review!


I was entranced by this story that Schwab has woven from beginning to end, and loved Cassy and Jacob and their friendship. I found the concept of the veil really interesting, and thought that adding a specific reason for the way she is – though I won’t go through that because,well spoilers – added depth to the storyline.

I’ve fallen love with the characters and the book itself, and can’t wait to read the second. Schwab is such an amazing writer and I can’t wait to get stuck into more of her works.


If you’ve read City of Ghosts what are your thoughts? Leave a comment down below  or drop me an email, and don’t forget to leave a like if you enjoyed the review :).


You have wings. Believe in them and yourself, and you will fly

Kath xoxo.

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