A Review of…The Poison Song (The Winnnowing Flame Trilogy #3)


Title: The Poison Song (Winnowing Flame Trilogy #3)

Author: Jen Williams

COWWT: 25/25 (5 Stars)

Release date: today


Before I get into the review, I want to say how much I’ve loved this series; the characters, the diversity the books project, the world and the writing style, these books have made me feel so much. I’m so glad I signed up for bookbridgr, as it lead me to find the second book in the series, which drove me to get the first to read ( The Ninth Rain)while I waited for The Bitter Twins to arrive.

Thank you Headline for sending me a copy of the final masterpiece, I loved it to the core!


Characters: 5

The characters as always were vibrant and alive, I loved the diversity within the story, specifically the relationships integrated into the storyline but not overly exaggerated and taking up a lot of the book. I as always adored Noon, Tor and Vintage, and Bern and Aldasair. I even developed a soft spot for Agent Chenlo as the novel progressed.


Ooh! Factor: 5

Oh, there was so much that surprised me during the novel’s progression which has happened in the previous books too, even though there were some small things that I was sort of expecting but loved all the same.


Writing Style: 5

The writing style of the novel and the entire series has really had a way of  capturing my attention and keeping it for a long period of time. I also had no trouble getting back into the story after The Bitter Twins which came out in 2017.


World Building: 5

Oh my gosh, the world building ! The world building in this series has been amazing to say the least, it’s so detailed and makes you feel like you are in the world itself, feeling and sensing everything.


Tone: 5

The tone was a constant throughout the novel; fear, determination, love, anger they all worked together throughout the whole series to create the tone.


The two reviews that will follow this one were written before, but I am uploading this ahead of them which is why the reading dates will be in April in the two reviews.


You have wings, believe in them and yourself, and fly.


Kath xoxo

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