A Review of…..FOLK (Magical Readathon #2)




Prompt: Charms

Read:22nd – 27th April

Author: Zoe Gilbert

Publisher: Bloomsbury

COWWT: 22.2/25 (= 4 stars)


Characters: 4

I thought the characters were well written, vibrant and alive on the pages, but I felt like some of them could have been explored in a little more detail.


Ooh! Factor: 4

There were a few things throughout the book that surprised me, and made me gasp or frown some of them caused my the characters themselves, others by events that happen to them.


Writing Style: 5

I really liked Gilbert’s writing style, as she writes in a way that tells a lot without too much detail.


World Building: 4.5

The world building in FOLK was done really well, engaging the senses through her description of the world in which the retellings were set.


Tone: 4.7

These folk tale retellings are dark and that’s felt throughout most of the novel, which I love, with only a few moments that made them seem less so.


If you’ve read this, what did you think? Let everyone know in the comments!

Stay true to yourself, and follow your dreams even if the road is hard.


Until the next time!


Kath xoxo


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