A Review of….The Forgotten Beasts of Eld (Magical Readathon #1)





Prompt: Care of Magical Creatures:

Read: 1st – 21st April

Author: Patricia A. McKillip

Publisher: Gollancz (Orion Books)

COWWT – 21.5/25 (= 4 Stars)


Characters: 5

I thought the characters were well-written and vibrant , and I particularly loved how strong-willed and independent Sybel is (I also love that name, probably because of HP Professor Sybill Trelawney hehe) as well as her ward Tam/ Tamlorn because he’s such a sweet lad who opened her heart to love


Ooh! Factor: 3.7

There wasn’t really much that surprised me enough to elicit the voicing that comes with this exclamation, but a few things did make me gasp in surprise, it just didn’t happen all that often for me.


Writing Style: 4

I quite liked the writing style of the book as it made it easy to read, but sometimes there was an  over or under description of parts of the novel which confused me at times.


World Building: 4.8

The world building in this novel is…amazing, it’s so detailed and I can see myself in the locations described, and feel what the characters felt in their surroundings, but didn’t always feel like my  senses were being engaged.


Tone: 4

The tone of the novel fluctuated as it progressed, though it’s a relatively short novel; sad, cheerful, angry, surprised, so it wasn’t always easy to pin down one tone for the novel as it would switch from one to the other so frequently.


Have you read this fantasy novel? If so, what are your thoughts ?


Stay true to yourself, and follow your dreams even if the road is hard.


Until the next time!


Kath xoxo



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