A Review of….Morhelion

Title: Morhelion (The Long Game #2) ARC

Author: Dominic Dulley

Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books (part of the Quercus family)

Published: April 4th


It has taken me so long to write this review, because of my new rating system, and trying to organise my thoughts but it has now been done! Enjoy the review and my new rating system 🙂


Characters: 4.5

I loved the returning characters just as much in Morhelion as I did in Shattermoon, possibly more, and also loved a number of the new characters though I feel like some of them weren’t given enough “page time” before leaving the story one way or another. There were some characters however I just wasn’t sure about and didn’t trust at all from the start, and didn’t like them throughout the book when they appeared (and was glad if and when they disappeared or died…is that bad?) so sort of skimmed over them as I read but not all the time.


Ooh! Factor: 5

Oh there are so many places in the book that had my mouth agape and going “ooh!” and “wow!” and gasping in shock and amazement, top marks for this category!


Writing style: 5

I love Dulley’s writing style, as he writes in a way that makes his work easy-reading and easy to understand; I’m not constantly going back pages trying to figure out parts of the story because I feel like I’ve missed something


World Building: 5

Oh my gosh, the way that Dulley has written the world that The Long Game is set in, the way he describes the different elements of his world makes it so vibrant and alive, and creates images of the characters’ surroundings.


Tone: 5

I felt like the tone sort of fluctuated throughout the novel, there was suspense, mystery, scenes that made me feel exhilarated,  but that was part of what made me love it so much, it wasn’t monotone.



Have you read Morhelion ? What are your thoughts on it?


Stay true to yourself, and do what you want to.

Until the next time!

Kath xoxo

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