M for Mammy (ARC) Review


M for Mammy


Read: 17th – 19th March

Author: Eleanor O’Reilly

Publisher: Two Roads

5/5 stars


Release date: tomorrow!


Thank you so much to Two Roads for sending me an arc of this book, it was a total surprise and I’m so grateful! I’m kicking myself for not reading it when you first sent it, but exam revision! Hah.


I don’t think I’ve ever read a book that has made me feel so much – and even if I have, this book for sure replaces that. There were so many parts of the book that made me sure I was going to cry, and did cry or still got emotional even if I didn’t shed a tear. There were also parts that elicited a smile or small giggle from me, and I loved the small integration of Harry Potter throughout the novel at various places.


I feel like  I can relate a little to young Jacob (you’ll find out why in an upcoming post) though not fully, for various reasons

Every family goes through difficult things at various times in life, some more often than others, but there some families like the one in this amazing book, that go through difficulties everyday and have to band together to heal themselves when things get hard.


Remember to follow your dreams, and don’t listen to those who try to put you down.


See you next time!


Kath xoxo

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