Howl’s Moving Castle Review

Telekinesis – one you’re eager to have jump into your hands

Started – 16.12.18

Finished – 20.12.18

Author- Diana Wynne Jones

Publisher – Harper Collins Children’s Books

5/5 stars

When I first saw the Howl’s Moving Castle movie, I think I was maybe….9 or 20 years old; my family and I were round a friend’s house and while our parents chatted in the kitchen us kids  watched this movie they had that I’d never seen before (don’t remember if it was video or dvd) before, called Howl’s Moving Castle.

This movie, this….fantastical, amazing, beautifully drawn movie is what made me fall in love with anime – I still have a crush on Howl. Yet, in the eleven years or so since, I’d never picked up the book it tells you it’s based on right at the start of the movie, until Jade – whose opinion I trust a lot – mentioned it in one of her videos and how much she loved the series (I hadn’t even known it was a series!) that I finally decided I needed to pick up the first book and see what I thought. I loved it, to say the least; it made me laugh, frown, inwardly growl like a dog when I really didn’t like… I felt.a whole cacophony of emotions while reading this, I just loved it!

Although I loved the book, I think I loved the movie more despite a lot of the events being different from the book or missing some of the events in the book – just goes to show you should always read the book first if a movie is based on a book, because everything in it is the original….if that makes sense.

If you’ve ever read this, recently or as a child/pre-teen/teen what were your thoughts on it?

Stay to yourself and don’t ever let anyone deter you from the course you wish to take.

Kath xoxo

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