Open Road Summer Review

Fire – fire in the title/on the cover or one you think you will warm and gooey inside.

WARNING: this post may contain spoilers.

Started – 9.12.18

Finished – 16.12.18

Author – Emery Lord

Publisher – Bloomsbury

5/5 stars

I’ve already read When We Collided and The Start of Me and You (will link the review for the latter at the bottom of this post – it is combined with my review for Orbiting You by Gary D. Schmidt ) and loved them, I just love her writing, and decided to buy Open Road Summer when I spotted it in my local Waterstones branch. What I loved about this, is the fact that Reagan doesn’t need a man to help heal her wounds; instead she joins her best-friend, who is a singer, on her first tour and heals herself through spending time with her.

She does meet a guy while on the tour, but resists her feelings for quite a while, and I feel like the romance that blossoms between them is more in the background of the book with Reagan and Dee’s friendship and them spending time together, along with Reagan’s healing is at the forefront.

If you’ve read Open Road Summer, what were your thoughts on it?

Stay true to yourself, and don’t ever let anyone deter you from the course you wish to take.

Kath xoxo

The Start of Me and You

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