Summoning Spells: A Summoner Readathon!

Hello my lovely readers, how are we all doing?

You’re probably thinking ‘Kath, you’ve only just announced you’re doing a re-read of the Summoner series this week, why are you announcing a readathon?’

Well, let me tell you. I recently read The Summoner’s Handbook which includes the basic summoning spells, and I thought it would be fun to do a readathon based around them and had even more fun coming up with the prompts!

There is no passing or failing in this, but you will be able to increase your summoning level with each book you read. For those of you not totally familiar with the series and/or demonology but still want to take part, a person’s summoning level determines which demons she or he is able to summon, but I won’t get into that in this post, because I’ll be doing another which will detail which demons you’d be able to summon depending on how many books you’ve managed to read over the month, at the end of the readathon.  There are twenty-four summoner spells and reading prompts in this readathon, but you don’t have to do all twenty-four of them (after all, it’s a lot of books to read) but if you want to go for it! I’ll be very impressed and proud if some of you are able to manage that.

The readathon is going to run from the end of November until the day before New Year’s Eve, but I’m publishing this a month early to give everyone time to create their tbr – and I’ll be taking part too :D, and will be publishing a post featuring my tbr over the next week or so.

I’ve listing the spells and book prompts below,  but have also included a link to a Sheets document so everyone can log their book choices and keep track of which spells they’ve mastered.

Wydrlight – powerful character (political or magical)

Fire – Fire in the title/on the cover or one you think will make you feel warm and gooey inside

Telekinesis – one you’re eager to have leap into your hands

Lightning- one you think will shock you

Shield – features a hero

Healing – features character(s) or animal(s) with the ability to heal

Barrier – features character(s) protecting others

Amplify – loud cover: capitalised title or brightly coloured cover/title

Muffle – by an author you’ve not read before

Growth – something to do with nature: book contents, or cover

Illusion – character(s) who is/aren’t as they seem

Strengthen – strong looking character or a weapon of sorts on the cover

Mist – blue cover or Water in the title

Frost – polar fantasy, or features an icy unapproachable character

Ethereal Blade- features a plan that falls apart

Darkness Cloak – dark cover or one you don’t know much about

Berserk – involves risk

Anaesthesia – always makes you feel better

Detect Life – protagonist that has/gains an animal companion

Tighten Knot – involves pirates and water

Loosen Knot – features a character who is freed in some way or another

Unlock – first in a series or involves the unlocking of something (treasure or magical gift etc.)

Ethereal Threads – features a particularly unpleasant character

Cat’s Eye – Night in the title or cat/stars on the cover

Spells to Master

Hope you all have fun picking your books, and don’t forget to tag me and Taran in any Bookstagram or Twitter posts with the hashtags #SummoningSpells and/or #SummonerReadathon :). 


Before I sign off, I’d like to thank Taran for supporting the readathon in allowing me to use his spells, and my best friend Tashi and also my lovely Book Box Club Squad chat friends for helping come up with some of the book prompts 🙂 xx.


Stay true to yourself, and don’t ever let anyone deter you from the course you wish to take.


Kath xoxo


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