Darling Blue by Tracy Rees

A big thank you Bookbridgr for my copy of this book :D, and Quercus for making it available to them.

Chapter One

All through that shimmering riverside summer of 1925 there
seemed to be only one question on everybody’s lips: who was
Blue Camberwell going to marry?
‘Jolly well everybody wants to know!’ squealed Juno Forrester
in the Richmond Gazette.
Blue dropped the newspaper onto a side table and rested her
brow against the window. The lawn was abuzz with preparations
for her twenty-first birthday party. Waiters were lining
up diamond-bright champagne glasses on long tables spread
with white tablecloths smooth as icing. Servants hired for the
evening perched on ladders, stringing fairy lights through the
trees and looping ribbons from trellis to trellis. In the summerhouse,
Midge was carefully positioning a gramophone in
readiness for the half hours when the jazz quartet would take
a breather. Blue’s father was nowhere to be seen.
Unable to resist what she knew to be a depressing impulse,
Blue picked up the article again.
Could that question be answered tonight, at her coming of-
age party? Nothing confirmed, remember! But it is
a special occasion, and at least three gentlemen of my
acquaintance are head over heels with the young lady.
Three? In love? It was news to Blue.
Whether or not an engagement is announced, this
promises to be the party of the year. The guest list
includes some of our most distinguished neighbours
and yours truly has been privileged with an invitation
which I’m clutching in my little paws right now
(coloured nail polish – naturally). Dear readers, I promise
you a full and faithful account tomorrow. But for now,
must dash – time to get my glad rags on!
With a low growl, she dropped the Gazette into the wastepaper
basket – a gesture only, since Midge would certainly fish it out
later and paste the article into her scrapbook. Blue was used to
having her life described in extravagant terms: beautiful Blue
and her charmed life; beautiful Blue who lived in a castle with
her handsome father, her virtuous stepmother and the elf in the
garden . . . She was blessed, that she knew, but life was never
just one thing nor the other, not for anyone. As for ‘jolly well
everybody’ – they would have to face disappointment. They
wouldn’t learn who Blue was going to marry for one simple
reason – she didn’t know herself. Blue was far more preoccupied
by how she could achieve her dream of becoming a
writer than she was by thoughts of romance. But that didn’t
make good gossip……

An extract from the fourth novel by best selling author of Amy Snow and The Hourglass. 

If you’re a fan of historical fiction/ romance, this will be right up your street.

Happy reading to those who pick this up.



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