Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild

Ballet Shoes

The Goodreads page for this particular edition of Ballet Shoes doesn’t include a description, so the link in the image will take you to its Amazon page.

Read: 14th – 19th August

My Rating: * * * *


Like Winnie the Pooh: the Complete Collection of Stories and Poems, I read Ballet Shoes as part of the August NEWTs exams hosted by G from Book Roast, but for Astronomy and Acceptable: stars on the cover.


*Pauline really wants to become an actress, Petrova loves tinkering with cars and engines, and Posy…..well, she could dance all day if she was given the chance!


And yet, brought together by the perplexing disappearance of their patron Great-Uncle Matthew, better-known as GUM, the Fossil sisters will share the future of a  dazzling life on stage where their dreams and fears will soon come to pass….*


The story, because of the time in which it was written (1936), was hard to follow at times due to the way people spoke being different back then so at times I had to re-read bits as I frequently thought I have no idea what they just said / I didn’t understand what they’ve just been saying at all.

I did greatly enjoy the book though, as it’s a beautiful and touching story about three sisters brought together and made so by a man who for a long time collected objects, which is what I loved most about it.


Stay true to yourself, and never let anyone or anything deter you from the course you wish to take.


Kath xoxo

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