When The Mountains Roared by Jess Butterworth

When the mountains moved

(Click on the image above to view the book’s Goodreads page 🙂 )

Read: 22nd July

My Rating: * * * * *


Oh my gosh, this took me on a wild ride. I was hooked from the very beginning by the story  and loved it from cover to cover. Reading it, I felt there were similarities between it and The Last Leopard (<< click for Goodreads page) by Lauren St John, which was one of my favourite books growing up (and have recently been considering getting again), but obvious differences which I won’t talk about as I don’t want to give anything about the book away – though I can say that the book cover is gorgeous and the title is cool without ruining anything haha.


Ruby is probably my favourite character (I don’t know why I always seem to favour the protagonist of the story) though it’s hard for me to put why I loved her so much into words…but I felt such sympathy and admiration for her throughout the story.

I also thought the friendship between Ruby and Praveen is refreshing and sweet despite the small bump it takes, and was hoping by the end of the book that it would amount to something more as they grow older. Hehe, I’m such a romantic.


Stay true to yourself and never let anyone deter you from the course you wish to take.


Kath xoxo

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