Summer Reading Recommendations



Hey guys, it’s time for another reading recommendations post! Once again, I have enlisted the help of my BFF, Tashi as we share a similar interest in books, though there are also books that one of us reads which the other might not. We’ve both picked novels we’d recommend as summer reads, so here we go!

*Not suitable for younger readers; contains violence or scenes of a mature nature

These are just some the books we think are perfect for reading during the summer, even if they aren’t set in this season.

My recommendations

    1.  Daisy’s Vintage Cornish Camper Van by Ali McNamara – after inheriting a run-down old camper-van from her best friend, Ana grabs the chance to take a trip to Cornwall hoping the fresh sea air and some fish and chips on the calming beach will be just the thing to help her find her way back to happiness, but St Felix has other plans for her…
    2. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell –  Cath is a big Simon Snow fan among many in the world, and also writes fanfiction around him. She and her twin sister Wren were both avid fans as children and almost joint at the hip, but Wren has mostly grown away from fandom and Cath can’t – won’t, let go – and now that they’re starting college, Cath is on her own and thrust out of her comfort zone and is constantly worrying about her loving yet fragile father while trying to get used to her new college life
    3. The Girl of Ink and Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave – Isabella Riosse is forbidden to leave the island she calls home, but is forever dreaming of the faraway islands her father once mapped. When her closest friend is lost to their island’s Forgotten Territories she volunteers to guide the search; after all, she is a cartographer’s daughter and equipped with everything that will help her navigate the island’s forgotten heart,including an extensive knowledge of the stars.
    4. The Novice by Taran Matharu – when Fletcher, a blacksmith’s apprentice, learns he has the ability to summon demons he is thrust into a world he never knew existed, and travels to Vocans Academy along with his demon Ignatius, and begins his training in the art of summoning on a journey to becoming a battlemage in the Hominum Empire’s war against the orcs. He must tread carefully among the noble’s children with which he trains, and with those yearning for power, others asking for alliances and the fear of betrayal surrounding him, he has only Ignatius for help.
    5. The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord – Paige’s first boyfriend died a year ago in a swimming accident, and it’s time she rejoined the real world. She makes a plan; a list which has “Date a boy (long-standing crush Ryan Chase seems like the perfect choice)” at the top – but then she meets his sweet yet nerdy cousin Max, who opens up her world, and her plans soon start to change…is it possible to get another chance at life?



Tashi’s recommendations:

    1. *A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J Maas –  set after A Court of Wings and Ruin, and during the winter solstice celebrations, the characters are having to deal with and move on from the events of the past; paving the way for new stories on the way
    2.  *The Burning Chambers by Kate Mosse – a romance set in the French wars of religion and based on one family whose secrets are revealed, and mystery surrounds the eldest daughter; who receives a letter of warning from some unknown sender and uses this letter to unravel the family secrets….and falls in love along the way.
    3. Caraval by Stephanie Garber – Scarlett has lived her whole life on a tiny island, longing for as long as she can remember to participate in the interactive performance known as Caraval – but it brings more danger and confusing mysteries than she expected
    4. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo – six criminals are promised a fortune to break into an impenetrable ice fort and rescue a very valuable hostage; encountaring uncountable dangers and those who are best avoided, must use their minds and talents to get themselves out of dangerous situations and work together as a team.  
    5. The Accidental Mother by Rowan Coleman – Sophie is a high-flying career focused woman, but must follow through on a promise from her past when her long-lost best friend passes way and leaves Sophie as the sole guardian of her two daughters; Izzy and Bella. As Sophie gets to know the girls, they form an unlikely connection and her perspective on life changes when she tracks down their free-spirited father Louis and brings him back into their lives.



Photo credit: Brendan Diakoulas taken at Clear Meadow Farm – Instagram @bdiako1 

Stay true to yourself, and never let anyone deter you from the course you wish to take.

Enjoy your summer! And good luck to all those waiting for their exam results ❤ 

Kath xoxo

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