Shattermoon by Dominic Dulley



Read: 9th – 15th June

My Rating: * * * * *


Oh. My. Gosh.

This book blew my mind! I was instantly hooked from the first page: I love Dominic’s writing style; his characters are vibrant and alive; the world the book is set in is so….I can’t explain it well, it-it’s so brilliantly created and reading it I felt like I could feel and smell everything I read and as mad as it sounds, I saw the book playing out as if I were in it in my head as I read it which I’ve found usually only happens with books I’m really into. I usually have a favourite character or favourite characters when reading a book but I can’t choose I love more than half of them…and yet I loved Orry’s spaceship, the Bonaventure; the way it’s described makes it sound cool – though I loved it a little less after a rather distressing moment – I love Dainty Jane too, maybe a little more than I loved the Bonaventure.

Q&A with author Dominic Dulley coming later today, and I will include the blog tour so you can visit the blogs of the other bloggers who have taken part in the blog tour so you can check out their posts ::)


Stay true to yourself, and never let anyone deter you from the course you wish to take,


Happy weekend my lovelies!


Kath xoxo

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