Dominic Dulley

Hey guys! I posed five questions to Dominic Dulley, author of the amazing Shattermoon, and here are his answers.

1 – Where did you draw inspiration for Shattermoon and the whole The Long Game opera from?

I wanted to write an old-school thriller set in space, but with a modern twist. Shattermoon is an adventure story at heart, with a grand space-opera backdrop for the characters to play in. Inspiration came from many places: Star Wars, Iain M Banks’ Culture novels, Dune, The Chronicles of Riddick, Hornblower. Orry is a grifter because I enjoyed Scott Lynch’s Lies of Locke Lamora so very much.

2 – Did you draw any inspiration from characters in your favourite books for the ones in your own novel or people in your life?

Not from books, but there is a lot of my teenage daughter in Orry. There may be a bit of me in Mender, too –  at least my grouchy side. His character was inspired in part by Rooster Cogburn in the film True Grit.

3- Do any of the characters’ names have Russian/Polish origin? This was a thought that came to me as I read the amazing novel you’ve written

The Ascendancy is ruled by an aristocracy known as the Ruuz. Although their origins are not explained in Shattermoon (it is in the sequel, Morhelion) a lot of the wealthier families come from Russo-Prussian stock back on Earth, so there are a lot of Eastern European or Germanic names, particularly in the officer class of the Ascendancy’s Grand Fleet.

4- What gave you the idea for the Shattermoon that gives the novel its name?

I seem to remember that I threw the name Shattermoon into some dialogue in an early draft of the book, and thought, ‘That sounds cool.’ When I needed a location in a later draft I latched onto the name and did some worldbuilding around it, and a lot of stuff fell out of that one word: like the avatar of the Departed, Emissary; Professor Rasmussen; and the scene where Dainty Jane is trying to navigate through the debris field. Writing a book can be a funny old process.

5- Are the Kadiran based on villainous aliens from Sci-Fi TV shows or movies you’ve watched?

I wanted something heavyweight and terrifying, but also relatable; nothing too alien. I had in mind walking slabs of meat and muscle, so perhaps the Judoon from Doctor Who had an influence. The Kadiran have been likened to the Klingons, probably because of their martial and honour-bound culture, but that wasn’t in my mind (at least consciously) when I designed them.

I love the fact that Orry and Mender contain essences of Dominic and his daughter I think it’s lovely!

Has he answered any questions you guys might have had after reading Shattermoon if you have read it?

Stay true to yourself, and never let anyone deter you from the course you wish to take.

Kath xoxo

Please find below the blog tour poster for Shattermoon, where you will find all the other bloggers who’ve taken part in the blog tour over the past few weeks.


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