June Reading Goals

Got a good list of books I’m intending to read this month – not the number of books as it’s the usual number haha, but I’m excited about reading all of them :).
Without further-ado, here are my reading goals for the month ahead!

The Queens of Innis Lear by Tessa Gratton (currently reading)
The Fight for Olympus (Pegasus #2) by Kate O’Hearn (currently listening to with Audible)
Cress (Lunar Chronicles #3) by Marissa Meyer
The Chosen Ones (Worldquake #2) by Scarlett Thomas
Eve of Man (Eve of Man Trilogy #1) by Giovanna and Tom Fletcher
The Oxford Illustrated History of Ireland Edited by R. F. Foster
The Name of The Wind (The King Killer Chronicle #1) by Patrick Rothfuss

The Unlikely Heroics of Sam Holloway by Rhys Thomas (coming August 9th (paperbackedition), which is when my review will go up)
Shattermoon (The Long Game #1) by Dominic Dulley (coming June 14th (paperback edition)and my review will come around the same time depending on when I receive it as it is on it’sway to me now 🙂 )
How To Be A Grown Up by Daisy Buchanan (paperback edition coming out June 28th when my review will go up)

Love you guys, as always.

Stay true to yourself, and don’t ever let anyone deter you from the course you wish to take.

Kath xoxo

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