April Wrap-Up and Favourites

Hey guys! I’m so this wrap-up post is sooooo late, I’ve been writing up and scheduling book review posts (and Bookbridgr-ing them) to go up before I post this, so it’s been a bit delayed.

Although I managed to read/ listen to all seven of my reading goals for April, I only managed to read five within the time-scale of the Harry Potter readathon I was a part of – still got an Outstanding for finishing at least 5 though!

The books I read in April were:

Night of the Lightbringer by Peter Tremayne (Ancient Runes- book with a symbol on the cover)

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer (Astronomy – Sci-Fi novel)

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien (Care of Magical Creatures – a novel including magical creatures or features one on the cover)

Dryad-Born by Jeff Wheeler (Charms – a Fantasy novel)

The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw (Herbology – nature related word in the title)

The Observer’s Book of Butterflies by WJ Stokoe (Muggle Studies- muggle non-fiction book)

The Tail of Emily Windsnap by Liz Kessler (Transfiguration – a book that deals with transfiguration/shapeshifting or has a cat on the cover)

(Didn’t read them in the order they are listed though)

I also read an ARC of a new book by Jesper Schmidt that comes out 24th May, which I had to finish by the 30th April as I am part of his launch team, so couldn’t leave it for this month.


I have to say, my favourites last month were probably Scarlet, The Wicked Deep and The Hobbit.


Stay true to yourself, and don’t ever let anyone deter you from the path you wish to take.


Love you guys, always.

Kath xoxo



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