All Rivers Run Free by Natasha Carthew



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Thank you to Bookbridgr and Quercus Books (especially Ana, thank you!) for my copy of this beautiful book. This post is not sponsored but is part of a blog tour.

Read: March 24th – April 3rd (ARC)

My Rating: *****

There is not a whole lot I can say in this review of what has become one of my favourite literary fictions to date without giving a whole load away about what happens in the book.

What I will say though, is that it is a touching but also heart-wrenching story that touches on a number of different topics. I adored Ia’s character and thought she was so tough and independent, and never gave up despite the hardships and pain she endured throughout the book – raging on her behalf at certain points in the book and feeling my heart clench at others. 

As I read the book and followed Ia on her journey I felt myself growing closer to her and felt myself fall further into the story until it felt like I was actually within the pages though still as an observer rather than a part of it; yearning to reach out and help her when she was in trouble, and jumping up and down when she was at her happiest.

Stay tuned for a Q&A with the author Natasha Carthew! She’s answered the 6 most important questions out of the many I wanted to ask her 🙂 .

Love you guys as always.

Stay true to yourself, and don’t ever let anyone deter you from the course you wish to take.

Kath xoxo



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