The Ninth Rain by Jen Williams

Warning: this novel is not particularly suitable for younger readers of fantasy

Read: 22nd – 25th February

My Rating: *****

I was sceptical about this book at first as it’s not the sort of fantasy novel I usually read (I mean, this is classed as high fantasy, and that’s intimidating), but oh my gods ! I cannot put into words how amazing this novel is; it’s well-written, I love the writing style, and the “extracts” from the personal letters & journal of one of the story’s key characters as well as a few related to her. The Eborans also reminded me a little of elves (aside from a few key things).

I won’t say anything further though, because I fear that if I see anything else I will give away spoilers. 

 The Ninth Rain’s Goodreads page << click here

Love you guys, as always.

Stay true to yourself, and don’t ever let anyone deter you from the course you wish to take.

Kath xoxo

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