The Fandom by Anna Day

Read : February 2nd – February 5

My Rating: 5 Stars

I’ve seen mixed reviews about this novel; some people have loved it, others found the story a little predictable and that the characters were a little two dimensional and didn’t jump out of the page at them.

Personally, I loved it. Granted, I could sort of tell how some things were going to pan out, but that didn’t stop me loving it – and I thought the story in general was a great idea: I would love to fall into the world of a fantasy novel I love! Though, I wouldn’t want my adventure to pan out the way the protagonists’ did.

The Fandom made me giggle, frown in confusion and get a little tearful but also mad as well – but it also made my heart pound in places. 

I love Ash! He is definitely my favourite character; he is most of the reason I grinned and giggled through the book, in the chapters he appeared in.


How do you guys like the new – you could say – introduction to my review? I’ve decided to start including the dates I read books from and to at the beginning of my review posts as it’ll give you (as well as myself) an idea of how much I like a book;  the closer the dates are to each other the more I loved the book 🙂 (as well as my star rating)

Stay true to yourself, and don’t ever let anyone deter you from the course you wish to take.

Much love to you guys

Kath xoxo

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