The Bear and The Nightingale & The Girl In The Tower by Katherine Arden Review

I have fallen further in love with Russian fairy-tales through reading these two books. I loved Vasilisa(Vasya), Alyosha (Lyoshka), and Aleksandr(Sasha), though I did not have as much love for Olga(Olya) and Kolya – but that is not to say I disliked them. I will admit the nickname system – included in brackets- confused me a little and still lingers in my mind. I also liked Morozko (Frost, and Death god) not so much what he stands for, as the idea of him scares me a little, but because he’s the embodiment of men’s thoughts; that he became Morozko – though I believe he was known by another name I can’t quite remember- through living beings – if you don’t follow me, don’t be afraid to ask what I mean in the comments, or drop me an email 🙂 . I also loved the idea of the different spirits that protect; houses, stables and horses etc).

One character I positively hated throughout the two books, was the priest  Konstantin – don’t get me wrong, he was well written and definitely an essential part to the story , I just hate the character so much! I will not say why in case you have not read them, but I will say that it is not often that a character  makes my blood boil a little with anger, but he does.

In short, I loved both these novels; I loved the writing style, I loved the story – just…everything about them , I received them in the December Book Box Club box and am very glad I asked for this book box, because I have fallen in love with Katherine Arden’s writing and can’t wait for the book club meeting in The Club House.

If there is another one on the way, when is it coming out because I would definitely read it!

Stay true to yourself, and don’t ever let anyone deter you from the course you wish to take.

Kath xoxo

Currently reading: The Unexpected Truth About Animals by Lucy Cooke


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